December 30, 2007

           boy!!! its been more then 10 days dat i blogged…well the reason mainly was that i didnt have anything worth penning down for the world to read. And now since we are on the threshold of the new year and the newspapers are filled with the new year resolutions of celebrities, i thought to myself why not think about my resolutions….and since i think that everyone is a celebrity in their own right, it means that so am i(my decent fan list on orkut makes me a mini celebrity right???). So although i know my resolutions wont be printed in any newspapers as such but i know there are a few people on wordpress who would want to know about them(atleast i hope there are)
            But the whole problem with resolutions is that you have to live up to them….and i am not sure about my will power….but the thing that comes into my mind right now is maybe eat a lil less….coz this past 2 weeks or so have been nothing less then a disaster for me in terms of food….i have been gorging on christmas cakes, ice creams, pastries almost everyday (my mom thinks that the way i have been attacking these eatables is like they are going to be sold out forever on new year’s)…..but then again i have never been the sort of person who worried about a few extra pounds….but now i feel i should….coz i have been feeling a lil guilty about eating these things….and with new year coming i dont know how much more i am gonna eat….

            And anyways i really want 2 know who is the ‘mahapurush’ who came up with something called new year resolutions. Maybe that man had the will power to stick to his resolutions…..but what about ordinary mortals like me?????? i am forced to have some resolution when everyone around me is so into resolutions.  But i guess now i have 2 do it if i want to make up for my binging spreee….
           So finally there are 2 things i wish for right now…firstly that plzzzzzzzzzzz god let me stick to my new year resolution and secondly plzzzzzzzzzzz let there be more people on wordpress who have been eating like me so that i feel good about myself and also have company while regretting my eating spree….


Indian Judiciary

December 19, 2007

         now after all the blogging on ‘not so serious’ topics i m finally penning down my thoughts on a topic thats been bothering me for the past 2 days…mainly after the hearing on the pramod mahajan murder case. I mean watz wrong with the Indian judiciary. Now here’s a case in which the murderer had surrendered himself to the police after commiting the crime and accepted his crime in front of the police. Still it takes about one and a half years for the court to sentence him to life imprisonment. The court was examining and cross examining witnesses. Wats to examine??????? The guy has accepted his crime for gods sake!!! And whatever he says afterwards is completely crap. Its not as if he was drunk when he accepted his crime or sedated that he didnt know what he was saying. So what was the judiciary thinking for so long???? Doesnt it make our judiciary look so silly and helpless….
         Sometimes i really feel like knowing what happened inside the court all these years. I mean what did the “honourable” lawyers ask the same set of people for so long??????? Or is it that these people said something interesting everyday which the judge enjoyed listening to everyday. N now it seems they are going to appeal to the high court and if nothing comes out of it then to the supreme court i guess!!! how long is this going to last. I am no expert in the working of the Indian judiciary but when all these appealing is taking place, will the culprit stay in jail or outside??? And most importantly how long will all this take???? As far as my judiciary brain goes this looks like an open and shut case. Murder commited, police knows by whom…no suspects or mysteries…he’s in jail..then why is he allowed to appeal??? Or is it that he knows that his verdict might be reversed…i dont know y but i feel a little disillusioned by all this…I just hope that the country’s policy makers think over this….

Watz wrong with Indian television

December 17, 2007

Now i dont know why this thought came to my head at 9:45 in the evening but its me and with me i guess anything’s possible. My brother’s watching AXN right now and its some magic show coming up and i dont know how but the guy is able to perform unbeleivable tricks. I always knew that all magic tricks have some “tricks” behind them which the layman vision is unable to see. And with the Indian magicians (are there any???) its always the standard tricks. But there’s this guy on AXN called Chris Angel. I dont know whether his show comes on AXN nowadays but that guy was a pure delight to watch. It was rumoured that he dated Cameroon Diaz for a while (That is in no way connected to my article. But its just extra gyaan for u guys!!!) I mean the tricks he used to perform were simply unbeleivable. He’s walked on water, climbed on buildings horizontally, lifted himself up in the air and what not!!! And also the other shows on AXN like fear factor, Amazing videos (is really so amazing!!!) and the amazing race. Makes me think that why cant Indian channels have more of such serials ratther then the brain frying saas-bahu serials. I mean cmon there has to be a limit to the amount of torture that Ms. Kapoor doles out to the Indian public which laps it up as if its the next best thing after the invention of the cell phones (couldnt find a better comparison for a cell phone addict like me) And her newer serials have “actors” who are just 15-16 years old. Her latest crap has some 15 year old as the main protagonist. That girl has just completed her tenth and as expected her studies have now taken a backseat. But ask her and she coolly replies that her parents are okie with it and she will complete her remaining studies through “correspondence”. Isnt Ms. Kapoor concerned that she is taking youngsters away from their studies by luring them with money.  But most importantly i cant beleive that the girl’s parents allowed her to let go of her studies. I know that should be none of my concern and its her life…but i just cant beleive someone could just chuck up their studies for glamour (but maybe it is easy when u see so much of money at that age). Now I know that my blog has completely veered away from the topic it started with, but i guess that’s wat blogs are for. Writing what is goin through your mind at that instant. So i guess i have translated all the thoughts that were passing through my head at this moment into words for you avid bloggers to read!!! So adios till such random thoughts pass through this brain of mine…!!!!


December 15, 2007

 Today morning my mom woke me up n reminded me that i had to go to the samsung dealer. Now the reason is that we had actually brought a camcorder and after goin through the instruction manual a zillion times i still had a problem. The problem was that when i recorded any videos on it the sound would be non existent.  And i assured my family that i would figure it out (Loud mouth me????). But inspite of my numerous attempts i still had’nt figured it out….so today i decided i would go and tell the dealer that how problematic their piece was and how it troubled me (coz i assumed i m brilliant at such things!!!) After a relatively hectic train travel i finally reached the samsung dealer. I had to take a coupon at the entrance which only made me more angry. But after waiting for about 20-25 minutes i was finally called in. I went with all my “knowledge” and started telling him about the audio problems and how because of it i had to come this far to rectify it.  Well the poor dealer patiently listened to me and then pressed some buttons here and there and within 30 seconds i could hear sounds from the camcorder. I wished inside my heart that plz god let this not be my recorder and  save me the humiliation. But as it turned out to be the “sweet music” was emanating from my recorder. I, now the humbler version then wat had entered the showroom, asked him in an even humbler tone about it. And the poor guy told me in an even nicer tone that I had kept the volume at zero and the button for that was right in front. How i wished at that time that the earth would split up into two and i be sucked  inside it (Some what like goddess sita). At that moment i felt as if all the people in the showroon were watching me and laughing their heart out at me although i could see that most of them didnt have the time to even have a look around. But most importantly i felt about the thoughts that might be passing through the dealers head about me. I mean hw could i not notice this small little thing if i could figure out complex things in that piece of machine. I said a polite thank you to him and ran out as soon as possible. While on my return train journey all i could think of was the thoughts in the dealer’s head about me and the stares of the people in the showroom and for some strange reason i felt as if all the people in the train compartment were laughing at me. All i wanted was to run away from there and maybe fly and reach home. But i had to sit put in that compartment with sounds of people’s devilish laughter in my head. I came home and told my mom about the thoughts in my head and she told me that maybe i should stop watching serials like “shhhhh…koi hai” coz thats the reason i imagined people laughing in that manner. I finally realised that maybe its my imagination in overdrive that caused me to think that the people were actually laughing at me but then again what if i was wrong……..

Return of the Blogger…..

December 13, 2007

well this is my second blog. N its all coz my friend sri has told me dat there’s no point being a blogger if i dont write any blogs…hmmmmmmmm….he’s got a point….so here i am cracking my brains once again thinking of something to write……well considering i m sick with viral fever this is goin to be quite a difficult task….before getting on to writing this blog i was actually playing this game called ‘alice greenfingers’. I downloaded it from yahoo games. have been playing it for abt 2 weeks now. Initially i was all excited about it. But as we all know its difficult for the human brain to remain that enthusiastic abt something like a PC game for too long……especially my brain. But let me tell you guys about this game. In this game i am alice. And all i have to do i grow a garden. Initially i have just 2 types of plant seeds and i have to plough the land, sow the seeds and also go and sell it in the market. Also i have to decide what rate i want to sell it at considering what the demand for that particular plant is. And as i go further i get additional plant seeds and all sorts of garden appliances just so that i take care of my garden well. Also there are these occasional spendings like my health checkups, some taxes or just some stupid things. And i m proud to proclaim that inspite of all these i have managed to collect over $10,000 (how i wish it was for real!!!!)… i guess i am pretty good at this game…..although i know some of you might think that its a silly sort of game….but i prefer such relaxin games to the action packed,war and violent games that my brother tends to play……i just feel that there’s no point killing people even though its just a game….although i know the male population might not agree with me on that……neways right now my mom is yelling her throat out since as alwaz i havent taken my medicines… i guess i’ll have to pop some more medicines in my mouth in the hope that they will be able to annihilate the virus thats caused me to be sick……if not i still have 3 more days of medicines to gulp down my throat…..

My first blog….

December 8, 2007

This is my first blog…..well actually right now my brain is actually not coming up with any ideas as to what should i write about…..but since i have to write something let me share my reasons for blogging…..actually it was a dear friend of mine who is an active blogger on wordpress and reading his blogs got me kind of inspired to pen down my thoughts. Thoughts which are right now not registering in my brain….So right now i am just staring at my PC screen and thinking whether blogging is really my cup of tea…..but i guess i should try it once before thinking i am not cut out for it… i can just hope i will receive some positive response to my first blog which will kind of inspire me to continue this thing….and neways my mom is calling me for dinner right now and the smell of fish is actually to strong for my taste buds to resist….so i’ll sign out now in the hope that i have not made a fool of myself through my first blog….ciao!!!!