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i can’t think of a title…..

June 5, 2008

I know its been loooooonnnnnggggg since i blogged. But actually i have been quite tied up in lotsa things…. 🙂 But finally i have managed to find some time n thought of writing about something that has caught my imagination for some days now. Its about “cutting my hair”. Well i have hair which is a lil above waist length and i am very proud of it coz i love long hair. I actually feel that women look much more nicer in long hair as compared to short hair (People who disagree can comment their complaints 🙂 ). I feel that short hair looked nice when we went to school with those plaits or small pony tails not now yaar. :mrgreen: .

Now getting back to my point….like i was saying i m very proud of my hair and never thought of cutting them 😯 but for some strange reason i have been getting thoughts of chopping them off…..maybe because i m tired of them or maybe because Bombay is getting so damn HOT!!!! 😡 But whatever the reason even i have been quite shocked at this decision. My mom does’nt want me to do it neither do my friends. And actually even i am not that convinced that i really wanna do it or no 😥 Hair once gone will god knws maybe take years…decades to grow back 😮 I have been talking to my cousin sis about getting an appointment with the hair stylist but i am getting a lil jittery thinking about it 😦 .

I have been getting strange thoughts about how the stylist might just make a mistake n instead of just trimming them off might just chop them off completely 😯 And god forbid if she does do that then i wont think twice before chopping her head off n m serious about that 😡 I have also had thoughts about how she will goof up big time with my hair n maybe make me part bald or something 🙄 I know all these are just my over reactions but m still very scared. 😀 And this fear i have observed with lots of my friends who have long hair n want to trim it. Maybe itz the fear of loosing something thats been with you for so long . Whatever it is i hope i do manage to trim my hair on saturday coz i have an appointment that day. I just hope i dont chicken out… :mrgreen: