Wish I was a kid again….!!!

Well, how many times have you not heard this line from friends or just people around you 🙂 . So its natural that even i get this thoughts some time or the other. Before you start thinking that i am becoming a lil bit nostalgic about the good old days, let me tell you the real reason why i have been getting this thought more now then ever before 😥 . Today i was watching some news channel and there was this article about today’s young children and how they are so very “different” from the the past generation. And what caught my attention nearly made me jump out of my seat 😥 . There was this family being interviewed and they had a 11 year old daughter who believe it or not has a cell phone 😯 . Then the reporter asked the mother whether her cell phone was costlier or her daughters. The mother laughed it off and told that her cell phone was “old” (It was about 6 months old 😯 ) whereas her daughter has some latest sony ericsson model which cost the family a cool 20,000 bucks or so 😯 . She even said that “aaj kal ke bacche kahan 8000-9000 ke cell phone mein khush rehte hai” 😯 Well, this “bachha” who is blogging rite nw has a cell phone that is a year old and cost a lil less then that 😥 .

This really made me think. Is it that the children are becoming more demanding or itz the parents who dont want their children being left out in this race to see that their child is no less then the next child. Because as far as i know when i was a child i never ever could even imagine asking my parents for a cell phone when i was in school (Dumb child that i was!!! 😡 ) . Infact i got my first cell when i was in my 2nd semester of enggineering and that too coz i was far away from my parents ( and they needed to keep a good eye on me and my activities :mrgreen: ) . Also i never got any pocket money as did most of my friends. We were supposed to ask when we needed anything 😥 . Whereas that girl got a weekly pocket money of 500 bucks 😯 . I mean what in the world does a 11-12 year old have to do with 500 bucks a week??? 🙄 Makes me think that are the children today more street smart or were the children of my generation just too innocent (and dumb 😆 )

Doesnt a child’s growing up years which is supposed to be full of innocence, lost when he has things like play stations, video games, PC’s to play. Does anyone in this generation know what it is to play with the ghoda gaadis, hide and seek, dolls :mrgreen: ??? Am i just 2 old in my thinking or are today’s children just plain lucky then what we were???? Well, whatever the case maybe it just makes me think “Wish I was a kid again……” 🙂


12 Responses to “Wish I was a kid again….!!!”

  1. ish Says:

    Things have changed yaar. Us time yeh sab cheezein itni common nahi thi isiliye hum log nahi maangte the. Ab toh parents ki income bhi badh gayi hai aur kaafi hadh tak afford bhi kar sakte hain. I bought my first computer when I was 14 or something. Aaj kal toh 7 saal ke bachche chalaate firte hain. And there’s nothing bad about that. Times change ho gaye hain.

  2. riddhima Says:

    wah ish kitne ucch vichaar hai apke :mrgreen: yeah even i brought my pc wen i was 13 😥 shit yaar…kitna late…. 😥 mere pados mein there is dis 9 year old boy who is so gyaani in using d computers…makes me feel like so crap… 😡

  3. arvind Says:

    hmmm…quite an interesting post ….
    thode dino mein th3ey will have cars 😛
    but 500 rupees a week.. [:O]
    i dont get that much even now ..
    [:(] [[:D]

    aur itna smilie kyun use karthi hia..
    aankein hai ya button

  4. riddhima Says:

    kyun re??????/ m a smiling child :mrgreen: alwaz positive….waise bhi kal mumbai match jeeta na isliye…. 😆 n BTW even i nvr got dat much money… 😥 kanjoos parenst i have :mrgreen:

  5. Amit Says:

    @Riddhima : I think parents are equally responsible for spoiling a child. I can understand that its good that the girl should have a mobile so that she can be constantly in touch with her family, but her family would have got her a cheap model. I think its her family who needs to consult a psychiatrist.
    @Arvind : [Orkut effects???]

  6. riddhima Says:

    even i thought d same yaar..bt then i thought lucky gal.. :mrgreen: wish my parents learnt something 4m her parents :mrgreen:

    yeah…orkut effects 🙄

  7. Amit Says:

    What!!!! you want to end up like a jerk she is?? 😯

  8. riddhima Says:

    arrey who told u she is a jerk???? maybe inspite of having all d rishes she might b a nice, practical girl :mrgreen: bachhe par ungli mat utha zaalim… 😆

  9. Reema Says:

    Providing mobiles to school going kids is the root reason for all these MMS scandals. Making them dependent on luxury items is going to show effects in the long term. Parents spoil thinking our kids should have if we can afford it and so that their kids dont think so&so’s parents are good mine r miser. A simple thing like allowing them to drive bikes to school is creating havoc on streets nowadays. Some kids want the latest gizmo or latest mobile whereas it should just perform the basic function of calling n receiving calls. And not mention the obesity problems today’s kids r facing. Parenting is not always about making your kids happy.

  10. riddhima Says:

    thanx dear 4 ur comments…i really value them 🙂 I feel 2day’s parents r as much to blame as d kids…they r spoiling their kids in d name of making them happy 🙂

  11. Simon Lasrado Says:

    Hi ridima why you have left the DMG programme?I really feel very bad to miss you

  12. Simon Lasrado Says:

    Dear Ridhima,Yoou have left DMG programme.I really miss your eye expressions,jerks,smartness in conversations etc etc.I dont think the new actress in place of you will match your smartness and performance.I really miss you .Please come back and fufill our happiness.

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