God save us…!!!!

                          I know itz been a long hiatus since i last blogged. 😀  But this topic is something i had 2 write on. Has anyone taken a look at the state of affairs of the news channels??? 😕  Not all the channels but some special ones like “Aaj Tak” and “Headlines Today”??? If you have then you would know why am i singling out these two channels. I mean i know that there is a fierce competition among news channels but for gods sake how can you qualify inane things as “BREAKING NEWS”. 😦  The latest sh** from these 2 channels is about Khali (who’s that??? u ask). Well thanx to these channels i have managed to gather some information about this “great personality”. :mrgreen: Well he is some man from Punjab who has made it big in d WWE. I mean who cares yaar???? But i discovered that he does make a huge difference for out news channel. For the past 15 days or so every day that man has been hogging news time and that too prime time. 😥 And the biggest shock for me came when i switched on to this channel to find the score of the recent matches and i see a BREAKING NEWS. And the news was that the reporters from the channel were given Khali’s shirt by his mother 😥 I mean who cared whther the reporter got khali’s shirt, pant or his….ahhhhhhh forget it!!!! The whole point is is this BREAKING NEWS????  😕  ALso they managed to give us the minute by minute detail of a yagna that some of his  “fans” performed for his victory 🙄 And one more of the gems from Aaj Tak was this rocking headline “Khali k saath dhoka hua” :mrgreen: Well this line came about when some 2-3 wrestlers defeated him together. Cheating!!!! the news cried 😆 I mean even a 5 year old knows that these fights are all rigged. But i guess the news people are all oblivious to these basic facts. 🙂

                      I sometimes feel bad for these channels that they have to stoop so low just to keep the viewers glued to their sets. 😥 And the latest news from the channels is that some Sherlyn Chopra (now dont ask me her claim to fame coz even i have no idea about her!!!! 😆 ) is gonna wear a diamond encrusted bikini for her next video. 😡 Is this news?????? And also when they were showing the regular news which was extremely rare they had this tickers below the screen which were flashing Miss. Chopra’s pearls of wisdom like this great line “My competiton is not in India. My competition is Britney Spears” 😆 Well nw i am feeling bad for Britney???? I know that these days Britney is not in her senses but i still give her more credit then having to compete with this lady. 😳 God help her when she comes to know the latest “threat” that she would have to face all the way from India 🙄

                        But i guess u cant blame the news channels as well. There might be some people who watch this trash. ANd you know what??? The slogan for Headlines Today is  “Refreshingly Different” . Well “Different” they are 😉 but “Refreshingly” or no well your guess is as good as mine 😆


13 Responses to “God save us…!!!!”

  1. Amit Says:

    Ohhh…wait till my next post. You will get a bigger shock than Khali. 🙂

  2. riddhima Says:

    kyun re????????? 😯 kissi controversial topic par blog karega kya????? 😉

  3. Amit Says:

    Go and see now.

  4. arvind Says:

    he he.. .yeha even i saw one special report i guess named vengence …kkhali destroyed kane after that battle royal defeat..
    they showed it for 1 hour..
    Is it nessecary to show a news report on how ppl break each others heads ..
    its really absurd…but any ow i liked it 🙂
    and yes apt title
    “god save us ”
    who knows what awaits us

  5. riddhima Says:

    thanx dear 😆 u have seen just one stupid report…i have come across lots of them :mrgreen: keep tuned to headlines today…u will b upto date with khali’s entire life story from his childhood to his likes and dislikes 😆 even his family’s reaction 😯

  6. arvind Says:

    he he ..lots of fokat ka time it seems ;P
    u know one they showed a report on a car with out a driver on highway,,,…
    they even recorded the video..
    fianlly it turned out that the man sitting in the other seat was driving it…he had mastered that trick and it looked as if the car was moving on its own..
    they showed the goddamned report for 2-3 hours ..

  7. riddhima Says:

    n u saw it???? 😯 hehehehehehehe 😆

  8. arvind Says:

    yeah..they made it intresting at last it was like april fool for me ..
    all in vain..vame out to be nothing

  9. riddhima Says:

    hehehehehehehehehe :mrgreen:

  10. arvind Says:

    badi khushi ho rahi hai tuje

  11. riddhima Says:

    haan bahut jyada…. :mrgreen:

  12. Nova Says:

    I swear!!! That khali thing was so damn irritating!!!!

  13. Reema Says:

    I dont get the hype about WWE. Aaj tak should be banned. It is as bad as the K serials.

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