Please save the tiger…!!!

tiger2.jpgtiger.jpg                    Well this is a very serious topic for me. I always knew that the tiger population in our country is dwindling fast but i got to know about 2 days back that there are barely 1000 tigers in the entire country. I never knew that there was such a strong animal activist in me but the thought has really, really disturbed me a lot. I mean the thought that i may never be able to see this gorgeous animal after about 10-15 years really scares me a lot. Its one of the most beautiful and majestic animal in the world and even the thought that it may extinct because of the stupid human beings really pisses me a lot.     

                       I know you guys might be thinking that although you feel a lot for the cause you dont know what to do or dont know how to go about it. Well, even i used to think the same thing always but if you have the will to do something for a cause, you will find out ways and do it. I feel in an extremely strong way for this wonderful cause and was finding ways to do something. Well for starters you can “SPREAD THE MESSAGE”. All my friends who will read this blog can help by spreading this thought to as many people as you can. It wont take you more then 5 minutes to do it but will go a long way in helping to save the animal. Please itz a sincere request from me. Also if you dont mind spending about 3 rupees, you can sms TIGER to 56388 or visit NDTV.COM and sign the online petition to save the tiger. It wont take much of your time to do this.

                     I dont know how many people i will be able to reach or how many will take this seriously. Some may even laugh at me or feel that “how can my message make any difference”. But it will. Even if you feel that your message wont make any difference but the least you can do is TRY. Its our last chance or else we may lose this wonderful, exotic animal forever.


23 Responses to “Please save the tiger…!!!”

  1. arvind Says:

    you know y you like tiger.. because they are cute 😆

  2. riddhima Says:

    haila..!!! bhalai ka zamaana hi nahi raha…. 😡 ek toh m so concerned….n u r raising fingers at my intentions???? 😡 they r extremely cute….infact cuter then any human being 😆 bt yaar they dont deserve to die coz of us….. 😥 so do something…stop being a kanjoos and sms :megreen:

  3. Amit Says:

    But tell me again…how will signing the online petition save the tiger.
    And..I think I …errr…agree with Arvind. 😆

  4. riddhima Says:

    mister…..fine even if it wont save d tiger…will it hurt u to sign d petition??? 😡 jab faltu kharch mein u spend so much money then 3 rupees toh spend kar tiger par 😡 n i m pretty sure that even u n arvind might agree that d tigers r veeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyy cute :mrgreen: hai na???????? 😆

  5. arvind Says:

    fine.. i trust ur intentions whole heartedly.,.i wil sms dont worry

    @ amit
    lets do one thing..lets cancle our party and spend all the money in saving tigers..
    we will bye recharge coupons to sms.. 😆
    so now u can come back to earth
    riddhimma is happy..yu are happy and everybody in heaven will be happy too 😛

  6. Amit Says:

    @Arvind : Hey!!! everyone is happy in heaven. I am worried about menaka though. She won’t survive without me. 😉
    @Riddhima : I have messaged. Now I can have some peace of mind that I did something useful in my life. *Sigh* 🙂

  7. riddhima Says:

    Now dats bad 😡 shee…mere noble intentions ka mazaak???? 😡 jaa…tu upar baithkar apsaras k saath item number kar… 😡 hmmmmmppppphhhhhhhhhhh……….. 😡

    thankQ 4 msging 😆 it means a lot 2 me 😥 and amit ko chod….let him b up there with his item girls 😡

  8. arvind Says:

    welcome 🙂
    apha hukm sarakhon par 😆

  9. riddhima Says:

    wah wah…..swarg mein amit hai lekin u r talking d langauages of d apsaras. 😆 good m impressed :mrgreen: chalo msg kar n help d TIGERS 😡

  10. arvind Says:

    @ ridhimma
    glad that u are 😆
    arre ,how many times :X ???

  11. riddhima Says:

    haan thoda jyada hua na???? 😆 sorry…….. :mrgreen:

  12. Amit Says:

    You’ve been tagged!

  13. Racquel Says:

    I think your efforts are commendable. I live in Jamaica and although we don’t have these animals here, conservation of the great Tiger is important and should be of interest to all internationally.

    Keep up the passion.
    Friend of the Tiger

  14. riddhima Says:

    thanks racquel….i didnt know my msg wld reach dis far 🙂 it feels great…..n itz nt abt whether d tiger is there in ur country or no…wat is more imp is 2 save all endangered animals wherever they r….N d main reason y i feel so much 4 d tiger is dat it is India’s National Animal so it wld b such a shame if it were 2 b extinct…. 🙂 thankQ once again 4 dropping by dear… n regards 4m India……..

  15. nikhil Says:

    the fighting tigers pic is the one i liked in ur blog :).
    ur concern is appreciable. government efforts wont be effective.Its upto the citizens of the country to think about this matter.truth is no one thinks of them unless these animals interfere with their own lives.
    so whatever r u doing for them count me in.

    the conversation is going goooooood by seeing above messages.
    its sought of social networking thru tigers.

  16. riddhima Says:

    thanx nikhil…..itz gr8 dat u think like dat…v need more people 4 dis yaar….hey if ur on orkut or ne social networking site then plz join d community there…there r a lot of people like us over there…. 🙂 well v can just hope dat our msg reaches a llotta ppl….. 🙂

  17. nikhil Says:

    i have joined a community SAVE THE TIGER community on orkut.i thought it is started by u.but anyways saw nice topics there so joined.good discussion is going on ON “Tiger farming in CHINA”.its healthy discussion there.

  18. riddhima Says:

    hey even i m a member of d comm….yeah itz a gr8 community…..d more ppl in there..d bttr… 🙂

  19. nikhil Says:

    ya i saw u :).hope more people join in n awareness spreads fast.

  20. Siddharth (RiverSoul) Says:

    This has been a wonderful and very touching post for me.
    I was searching for a suitable Tiger pic for my latest poem, and i stumbled upon this post of yours.
    I don’t speak up for the tigers coz they seem to be cute. I do so because its high time someone did.
    “If not me then who? If not Now, Then When?” These questions popped in my mind, when I was reminded of the Global wildlife Crisis we have been facing.
    Its time to Fight FOR the Beautiful Creatures, instead of fighting AGAINST them.
    Well written, and I’m Linking to this post of yours, from my blog. Hope you don’t mind.

  21. riddhima Says:

    dats okie siddharth…like i said itz important to spread d msg…. 🙂 so if thro ur blog more ppl get 2 read d msg..then wat bttr then dat…. 😆 thankQ so much 4 actually going thro my post n finding it good enough 2 have a link to it.. 🙂

  22. nikhil Says:

    why dont u try putting up more pics on ur blog so that if anyone searches for tiger pics they can stumble upon ur blog and helps in passing message.

  23. sexy HOE Says:


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