Salsa part 2

Well i can now proudly proclaim that am 1/12th salsa dancer…….now u guys might be wondering what exactly that means…well salsa has got 12 levels you can learn. The 1st level is the beginners level. I have completed the first level and so i am 1/12th salsa dancer. Well not that big an achievement but none the less makes me extremely happy. I completed it yesterday. And also with it i have done the first level of jive and waltz as well. Out of all the three i guess salsa is a lil bit more tougher since you have to have a flexible body for that. But i thoroughly enjoyed all three. One of the main reasons being that we have an extremely cute instructor like i had mentioned in my last post.

                           I dont know as of yet whether i will be able to join the next level but i seriously want to. Lets hope for the best.  Like i said last nite was my last salsa class for the first level and it was a blast. We were asked to dance with whoever we wanted to and thank god i was asked by a guy……the song was the typical salsa song “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias. And it was the first time we girls were in our heels. Coz before that during our learning stage we were alwaz dressed in our sports shoes and tracks. So yesterday we were dressed a bit lady like which was fun. Ofcourse salsa in heels requires a lil bit of practise but i somehow managed without causing my partner any grievious injuries.

                           We were also told that this sunday there is a jam session for all the students at Rock Bottom (Thats a disc in Mumbai)……where u can ask anyone to dance with you and the girl/guy has to agree……..Well am seriously thinking of asking my instructor for a dance……..hehehe……… 


9 Responses to “Salsa part 2”

  1. arvind Says:

    congratz for becoming 1/12th salsa dancer 😆
    and what is this 🙄 .. drooling there too on ur instructor :mrgreen: :p

  2. arvind Says:

    and please leave ur URL in my website when u comment ..then only ppl can comment on ur blog too … 😀

  3. riddhima Says:

    okie boss…. :mrgreen: yeah d instructor is very cute…can help it yaar 😆

  4. arvind Says:

    oh.. my best wishes.. i would pray so that u could get a dance with ur “cute” instructor 😉

  5. riddhima Says:

    thanx dear… :mrgreen: tere muh mein ghee sugar etc etc… 😆

  6. Srikanth Perinkulam Says:

    Tho finally Croc tears ka funda kaam kiya! 🙂
    Congoz! Neeche ke 12 ko udaa dho aur usko 1 bana dho abhi! 🙂

  7. riddhima Says:

    yeah will try 2 do dat 🙂 but the prb is they have kept d 2nd level 2 far 4m my house … mummy wont allow now 😥 it will be past 11 in d nite when i’ll be able 2 reach if i go 😥

  8. Amit Says:

    congratulations….OOhhoo…..yaha pe bhi “cute”?? Ok, tell me the name of one “Uncute” person. 🙂

  9. riddhima Says:

    hatt… 😡 nw dats bad……. n d name of one uncute person….hmmmmmmm……ahh got it…!!! amit…hws dat??? :mrgreen:

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