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Please save the tiger…!!!

February 26, 2008

tiger2.jpgtiger.jpg                    Well this is a very serious topic for me. I always knew that the tiger population in our country is dwindling fast but i got to know about 2 days back that there are barely 1000 tigers in the entire country. I never knew that there was such a strong animal activist in me but the thought has really, really disturbed me a lot. I mean the thought that i may never be able to see this gorgeous animal after about 10-15 years really scares me a lot. Its one of the most beautiful and majestic animal in the world and even the thought that it may extinct because of the stupid human beings really pisses me a lot.     

                       I know you guys might be thinking that although you feel a lot for the cause you dont know what to do or dont know how to go about it. Well, even i used to think the same thing always but if you have the will to do something for a cause, you will find out ways and do it. I feel in an extremely strong way for this wonderful cause and was finding ways to do something. Well for starters you can “SPREAD THE MESSAGE”. All my friends who will read this blog can help by spreading this thought to as many people as you can. It wont take you more then 5 minutes to do it but will go a long way in helping to save the animal. Please itz a sincere request from me. Also if you dont mind spending about 3 rupees, you can sms TIGER to 56388 or visit NDTV.COM and sign the online petition to save the tiger. It wont take much of your time to do this.

                     I dont know how many people i will be able to reach or how many will take this seriously. Some may even laugh at me or feel that “how can my message make any difference”. But it will. Even if you feel that your message wont make any difference but the least you can do is TRY. Its our last chance or else we may lose this wonderful, exotic animal forever.


Salsa part 2

February 21, 2008

Well i can now proudly proclaim that am 1/12th salsa dancer…….now u guys might be wondering what exactly that means…well salsa has got 12 levels you can learn. The 1st level is the beginners level. I have completed the first level and so i am 1/12th salsa dancer. Well not that big an achievement but none the less makes me extremely happy. I completed it yesterday. And also with it i have done the first level of jive and waltz as well. Out of all the three i guess salsa is a lil bit more tougher since you have to have a flexible body for that. But i thoroughly enjoyed all three. One of the main reasons being that we have an extremely cute instructor like i had mentioned in my last post.

                           I dont know as of yet whether i will be able to join the next level but i seriously want to. Lets hope for the best.  Like i said last nite was my last salsa class for the first level and it was a blast. We were asked to dance with whoever we wanted to and thank god i was asked by a guy……the song was the typical salsa song “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias. And it was the first time we girls were in our heels. Coz before that during our learning stage we were alwaz dressed in our sports shoes and tracks. So yesterday we were dressed a bit lady like which was fun. Ofcourse salsa in heels requires a lil bit of practise but i somehow managed without causing my partner any grievious injuries.

                           We were also told that this sunday there is a jam session for all the students at Rock Bottom (Thats a disc in Mumbai)……where u can ask anyone to dance with you and the girl/guy has to agree……..Well am seriously thinking of asking my instructor for a dance……..hehehe………