Salsa???? the first thing that comes into anyone’s mind as soon as you hear this word is some exotic form of dance. Well i always wanted to learn it since i had heard so much about it but seriously didnt know how to go about it and where to learn it from. My wish finally came true last wednesday when i got a call from a dear friend of mine telling me about a class in the city which would teach you the dance form in a month. Last friday was the first day. As soon as i heard it i danced right then and there ( although not the salsa)….But the big thing was convincing my mom since the timings were a lil bit late. The class was from 8:80 to about 10:00 in the evening. And it would take me about 45 minutes to reach home. Knowing the great public transport in mumbai it wouldnt be a problem but still….mom’s are after all mom’s.
             I hung up the phone and asked my mom. As expected the first reaction was an emphatic NO. But i am called stubborn by my mom for nothing. So i cribbed..complained and also became a lil senti with tears thrown here and there for good measure. And voila!!! the plan succeeded. So armed with excitement and expectations i reached my friend’s place because we had a bus from her place straight to that class. But as luck would have it the bus didnt turn up. We got to know later that we had just missed it. So we both decided to catch a rickshaw. And the brainiac that i am i caught a rick that had no meter installed in it at all. Now its against the law not to have meter’s in the rickshaw. We would have been in serious trouble had the cops seen us. And also the fact that we wouldnt know about the charge for the journey. We fought with the driver and settled for a reasonable price. What helped was my friend who is simply superb in fighting and arguing….
            So we finally reached at about 8:35. We thought we were late but when we reached there were about 25-30 guys and gals registering themselves. We registered ourselves, paid the fees and entered the room. It was like a normal dance class is with mirrors on all four sides. Anyways the class capacity is about 25 and about 45 people had turned up. So the receptionist asked about 20 odd people to return and promised to accomodate them in the next batch. Fortunately i and my friend stayed on. Well, the dance teacher entered and boy was he cute or what???? He gave us some warming up exercises and asked us to do them every time we entered the class. The he gave us a good news. Not only were we going to learn salsa but also jive and waltz. He told us we would start with the jive that day. The jive was called the 6 step jive. Sounded pretty exciting for all of us who wouldnt care even if it were a 8 or 10 step jive since we barely knew the difference.
           He teached us the basic position for the jive and also about 4-5 steps. I must boast now that i picked them up pretty fast. He made us dance on some music as well. Thats rock and roll music. It was great fun. As it neared 10 in the clock i started to panic as i knew that i would now start getting calls from my parents. The class got over by about 10:15 and when i checked my cell i had 5 miscalls from my parents. I called them and asked them to relax.  I reached home by about 10:45. Dad was a lil annoyed. But then i was so excited thinking about my next class on wednesday that i didnt mind that lil bhaashan at all….waiting impatiently for the next time i jive…..


7 Responses to “Salsa…!!!!”

  1. Srikanth Perinkulam Says:

    Aha! That’s some solid news!!! 🙂
    Never knew you were so much into salsa! 🙂

    I’m in the dance troupe of my IBU. The show is on 25th and my part of the dance is not yet choreographed! Gonna be real fun! 🙂

  2. Adi Says:

    from when did u start talking all this seriously yaar…..!!!!!
    a very gud effort but i think u excel in the typical mumbaikar hindi only……
    kya sachi hein na mamu…..????

  3. riddhima Says:

    which gaana sri???????

  4. arvind Says:

    ooh..thats sounds pretty cool…
    welcome back to wordpress.
    i thought you forgot that you have a blog with some readers like sri and me 😛

  5. riddhima Says:

    yeah i know i had kind of dissappeared na but then as the terminator line goes “I AM BACK”….and will be blogging a lot more……..i never knew i had so many fans of my writing at wordpress…….;-)

  6. arvind Says:

    yeah ,… u are prove it by writing it … hume school mein sikhaaya hai unless you have a proof it is hypothetical 😛

  7. Reema Says:

    Salsa!! wow!

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