Tagged…..i guess part 3

July 16, 2008

M very happy Ish tagged me coz i was 2 lazy 2 think of ne topic 2 blog :mrgreen: Issi bahaane i started blogging….Last few weeks have been pretty buzy n i havent blogged 4 a long time….bt m back n happy 2 start it with a tag…..so here goes

1. What have you realised recently?
I know this might sound terribly philosophical but i seriously believe now dat whatever bad happens to a person is in some way for his own good…although at dat time it looks terrible n u might feel dat there’s nothing like god….bt believe me he does exist 🙂

2. Have you given your first kiss away?
sheeeeeeeeee……an mujhe sharam aa rahi hai :mrgreen:

3. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 11 blog buddies you would take?
this is really sad 2 write bt i dont have 11 blog buddies 😥 Maybe i should have a good PR mechanism to promote my blog 😥

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
I have a few places actually…..Venice, Egypt, Paris, Rome, Belgium 😆

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
Well this is a fantasy i have. I want my room 2 be filled with all sorts of shoes, bags n accesories. I should b spoilt rotten 4 choices :mrgreen: n i m a very understanding girl…they dont have 2 b all branded….accha raste ka maal bhi chalega 😆

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
Yes i do…..n i find it sooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful 🙂

7. What are you afraid to lose the most now?
I dont know y bt i have nightmares of getting up one day with no teeth n hair 😯 i dont know y bt it sends shivers down my spine 😯

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
Buy a nice villa in Venice or Rome…..i know d money might b a bit short n baaki bahut prbs bhi hai….bt imagination hi toh hai :mrgreen:

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
No bt i would give more then enough hints n want him 2 come n tell me he likes me…smart…ain’t i????

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Good blogger….gr8 sense of humour n…..hmmmmmmmm…..hmmmmmmmmm……hmmmmmmmm…..quite cute 2 look

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
spoil me rotten :mrgreen: take me on annual holidays or monthly bhi chalega n love me unconditionally…..ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……dats so romantic 🙂

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
I agree with ish ….Religion fanatics 😡 n also people who cant keep a promise….

13. What is the one thing you cannot live without?
mirror, eye liner ( sorry i know dats 2 things 😥 )

14. If you have faults, would you rather the people around you point out to you or would you rather they keep quiet?
Tell me in a nice way….as if itz nt such a bad thing coz m a very sensitive gal 🙂

15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……dats a secret 😆

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
A BIG TIME shopaholic…..infact my mom avoids coming with me 2 shop….i m a monster wen it comes 2 shopping…..i need 2 b controlled 😆

17. Find a word to describe the person who tagged you.
Asardaar sardar :mrgreen:

18. If you have a chance. Which part of your character you would like to change?
I know dis might sound like my own tareef bt m 2 soft n cant shout at ppl even if they behave like jerks with me 😥 i need 2 b strong n assertive.

19. Whats the last shocking thing you’ve seen or heard?
Dat Mumbai is gonna look like it was shown in Love story 2050…hehehehehehehehehe Wat a joke…!!!!! :mrgreen:

20. Would you rather have love but no money or money but no love?
cant decide dat yaar….both r imp….bt as of nw i guess money

N i have no 1 2 tag coz all my frnds have already been tagged 😥 poor me…!!!!


i can’t think of a title…..

June 5, 2008

I know its been loooooonnnnnggggg since i blogged. But actually i have been quite tied up in lotsa things…. 🙂 But finally i have managed to find some time n thought of writing about something that has caught my imagination for some days now. Its about “cutting my hair”. Well i have hair which is a lil above waist length and i am very proud of it coz i love long hair. I actually feel that women look much more nicer in long hair as compared to short hair (People who disagree can comment their complaints 🙂 ). I feel that short hair looked nice when we went to school with those plaits or small pony tails not now yaar. :mrgreen: .

Now getting back to my point….like i was saying i m very proud of my hair and never thought of cutting them 😯 but for some strange reason i have been getting thoughts of chopping them off…..maybe because i m tired of them or maybe because Bombay is getting so damn HOT!!!! 😡 But whatever the reason even i have been quite shocked at this decision. My mom does’nt want me to do it neither do my friends. And actually even i am not that convinced that i really wanna do it or no 😥 Hair once gone will god knws maybe take years…decades to grow back 😮 I have been talking to my cousin sis about getting an appointment with the hair stylist but i am getting a lil jittery thinking about it 😦 .

I have been getting strange thoughts about how the stylist might just make a mistake n instead of just trimming them off might just chop them off completely 😯 And god forbid if she does do that then i wont think twice before chopping her head off n m serious about that 😡 I have also had thoughts about how she will goof up big time with my hair n maybe make me part bald or something 🙄 I know all these are just my over reactions but m still very scared. 😀 And this fear i have observed with lots of my friends who have long hair n want to trim it. Maybe itz the fear of loosing something thats been with you for so long . Whatever it is i hope i do manage to trim my hair on saturday coz i have an appointment that day. I just hope i dont chicken out… :mrgreen:

Tagged again….!!!!

May 12, 2008

My dear friend Arvind has tagged me….so here goes 😆

10 things I miss in my life right now:

1.My first standard ka crush…my pehla infact :mrgreen:

2.My school yaar…care free days 😥

3.My 8th standard ka crush…my pehla serious crush :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

4.Star World…my stupid cable wala has removed it 😡

5.My engineering days ka friends 😥

6.My engineering days canteen 😥

7.The time i spent with my cousins playing when v were young..now everyone is buzy yaar 😥

8.All of the above.

10 things which I want to achieve within a decade:

1. Have a successful n satisfying career 🙂

2. Want to see most of the countries in the world

3. Make my parents extremely proud of me

4. Buy my own home

5. Buy my own holiday home 🙂

6. learn french, spanish, german, italian n japanese

7. Make my husband feel ki he has d best and rocking wife in d world 😉 sorry..aur kuch soojha nahi…

8. Wish i m able to reconnect with all d peole i have lost in d journey of life

9. See a Formula race live 🙂

10. Want to achieve all the 9 things i wished above.


U, Me aur Hum 😥


A walk to remember…extremely romantic 😆




Stardust, Filmfare :mrgreen:


Wet mud….Petrol ka smell….freshly shampooed hair

Rain hitting d roof 😆

having some1 b hurt because of you.

check my cell :mrgreen:

McDonalds…ne local joint

Dat will b decided in consultation with my family n my husband’s family

Invest..donate..spend 😆

I dont drive 😥

Yup….5 of them 😆

Romantic 😆

No car as of now 😥


waste it :mrgreen:

Hate veggies 😡

a mixture of orange, white n green..patriotic na???????? 😆

Mumbai, Bangalore, Belgaun

Cricket, F1

Very clean hearted and chweet

I hope there’s nothing yaar

Yeah bt with a few changes


sunny side up 🙂

Home sweet home

never ate a pie 😆


And now i tag only 2 people



Wish I was a kid again….!!!

May 4, 2008

Well, how many times have you not heard this line from friends or just people around you 🙂 . So its natural that even i get this thoughts some time or the other. Before you start thinking that i am becoming a lil bit nostalgic about the good old days, let me tell you the real reason why i have been getting this thought more now then ever before 😥 . Today i was watching some news channel and there was this article about today’s young children and how they are so very “different” from the the past generation. And what caught my attention nearly made me jump out of my seat 😥 . There was this family being interviewed and they had a 11 year old daughter who believe it or not has a cell phone 😯 . Then the reporter asked the mother whether her cell phone was costlier or her daughters. The mother laughed it off and told that her cell phone was “old” (It was about 6 months old 😯 ) whereas her daughter has some latest sony ericsson model which cost the family a cool 20,000 bucks or so 😯 . She even said that “aaj kal ke bacche kahan 8000-9000 ke cell phone mein khush rehte hai” 😯 Well, this “bachha” who is blogging rite nw has a cell phone that is a year old and cost a lil less then that 😥 .

This really made me think. Is it that the children are becoming more demanding or itz the parents who dont want their children being left out in this race to see that their child is no less then the next child. Because as far as i know when i was a child i never ever could even imagine asking my parents for a cell phone when i was in school (Dumb child that i was!!! 😡 ) . Infact i got my first cell when i was in my 2nd semester of enggineering and that too coz i was far away from my parents ( and they needed to keep a good eye on me and my activities :mrgreen: ) . Also i never got any pocket money as did most of my friends. We were supposed to ask when we needed anything 😥 . Whereas that girl got a weekly pocket money of 500 bucks 😯 . I mean what in the world does a 11-12 year old have to do with 500 bucks a week??? 🙄 Makes me think that are the children today more street smart or were the children of my generation just too innocent (and dumb 😆 )

Doesnt a child’s growing up years which is supposed to be full of innocence, lost when he has things like play stations, video games, PC’s to play. Does anyone in this generation know what it is to play with the ghoda gaadis, hide and seek, dolls :mrgreen: ??? Am i just 2 old in my thinking or are today’s children just plain lucky then what we were???? Well, whatever the case maybe it just makes me think “Wish I was a kid again……” 🙂

Musical Answers

April 22, 2008

Well my friends Amit and Arvind have posted a blog about this and itz time i did it as well…. :mrgreen:



1. Put your MP3 player on shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
3. You must write the name of the song no matter what. No cheating!

So here goes…. 🙂


    Dil keh Raha Hai“…..i assume it means that i agree with whatever they are saying 😆


      Move your Body” 😯


        Meri saason mein basa hai“…now dats romantic 😳


          Tumse hi” now dis doesnt mean m in love with some1 alrite????? :mrgreen:


            Tere dar par sanam“……Now dats a nice purpose in life…hehehehe 😆

            WHAT IS YOUR MOTTO?

              “Mohabbat kabhi maine ki toh nahi thi” …..hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…i guess dats true….. 🙂


                “Chup Chup ke”…..Now u bttr ask my friends wat dat means….. 😯


                  “Mauja hi Mauja”…believe me dats definately not what i think of them or vice versa for dat matter :mrgreen:


                    “You are still the one”….hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…imight think about that provided i find some1 fast 😥

                    WHAT IS 2+2?

                      “Race saason ki”….Wow!!!! it does connect in a funny sorta way…. 😆

                      WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR BEST FRIEND?

                        “Ishq Hua”….beleive me m not in love with ne of my friends…girls or guys.. :mrgreen:

                        WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE PERSON YOU LIKE?

                          “Take me to your heart”…PERFECT!!!!!!!!! Par i shld fine some1 na….. 🙂

                          WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU GROW UP?

                            “Tum Mile”…..U figure this one out!!!! 😯


                              “Suno Na” …..Yeah this matches perfecto!!!! 😆

                              WHAT DO YOUR PARENTS THINK OF YOU?

                                “Dont Matter” …..No doubts about this at all :mrgreen:

                                WHAT WILL YOU DANCE TO AT YOUR WEDDING?

                                  “Jag Suna Suna Laage”……sheeeeeeeee…i hope not yaar 😥

                                  WHAT WILL THEY PLAY AT YOUR FUNERAL?

                                    “Zara Zara”…..Yuck i definately hope not 🙂

                                    WHAT IS YOUR HOBBY/INTEREST?

                                      “Sexy Lady” 😯

                                      WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST SECRET?

                                        “Mujhe Ishq hai tujhee se” …… i repeat i dont have ne1 in my life yaar….now dis game is really rubbing in d fact that m single 😥

                                        WHAT DO YOU THINK OF YOUR FRIENDS?

                                          “Tauba Tauba” yuppppppp!!! dats true 🙂

                                          WHAT SHOULD YOU POST THIS AS?

                                            “Pehli Nazar Mein” ….. 🙂

                                            So i finally did this and it was a whole lot of fun n beleive me quite a lot of answers exactly depict my state of mind…Now which r those questions is for you to guess…. 😉

                                            God save us…!!!!

                                            April 8, 2008

                                                                      I know itz been a long hiatus since i last blogged. 😀  But this topic is something i had 2 write on. Has anyone taken a look at the state of affairs of the news channels??? 😕  Not all the channels but some special ones like “Aaj Tak” and “Headlines Today”??? If you have then you would know why am i singling out these two channels. I mean i know that there is a fierce competition among news channels but for gods sake how can you qualify inane things as “BREAKING NEWS”. 😦  The latest sh** from these 2 channels is about Khali (who’s that??? u ask). Well thanx to these channels i have managed to gather some information about this “great personality”. :mrgreen: Well he is some man from Punjab who has made it big in d WWE. I mean who cares yaar???? But i discovered that he does make a huge difference for out news channel. For the past 15 days or so every day that man has been hogging news time and that too prime time. 😥 And the biggest shock for me came when i switched on to this channel to find the score of the recent matches and i see a BREAKING NEWS. And the news was that the reporters from the channel were given Khali’s shirt by his mother 😥 I mean who cared whther the reporter got khali’s shirt, pant or his….ahhhhhhh forget it!!!! The whole point is is this BREAKING NEWS????  😕  ALso they managed to give us the minute by minute detail of a yagna that some of his  “fans” performed for his victory 🙄 And one more of the gems from Aaj Tak was this rocking headline “Khali k saath dhoka hua” :mrgreen: Well this line came about when some 2-3 wrestlers defeated him together. Cheating!!!! the news cried 😆 I mean even a 5 year old knows that these fights are all rigged. But i guess the news people are all oblivious to these basic facts. 🙂

                                                                  I sometimes feel bad for these channels that they have to stoop so low just to keep the viewers glued to their sets. 😥 And the latest news from the channels is that some Sherlyn Chopra (now dont ask me her claim to fame coz even i have no idea about her!!!! 😆 ) is gonna wear a diamond encrusted bikini for her next video. 😡 Is this news?????? And also when they were showing the regular news which was extremely rare they had this tickers below the screen which were flashing Miss. Chopra’s pearls of wisdom like this great line “My competiton is not in India. My competition is Britney Spears” 😆 Well nw i am feeling bad for Britney???? I know that these days Britney is not in her senses but i still give her more credit then having to compete with this lady. 😳 God help her when she comes to know the latest “threat” that she would have to face all the way from India 🙄

                                                                    But i guess u cant blame the news channels as well. There might be some people who watch this trash. ANd you know what??? The slogan for Headlines Today is  “Refreshingly Different” . Well “Different” they are 😉 but “Refreshingly” or no well your guess is as good as mine 😆

                                            Tagged part 2….

                                            March 6, 2008

                                            Okie guys i have been tagged by amit . Now i m a lil lazy to write the rules of the games so i m copy pasting the rules from amit’s blog :mrgreen: sorry amit 😆 .

                                             The Rules first :

                                            – Link to the person that tagged you.Post the rules on your blog.

                                            – Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.

                                            – Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

                                            Here it goes:

                                            Quirk No 1:
                                            I dont know why bt  m obsessed with my face 😳 . And the most disastrous thing that can happen, according to me is a pimple on my face 😥 . I know guys might find it a lil weird but m sure my fellow girls will understand the “pain and trauma” a girl goes through when a pimple comes 😥 . The first thing that i do as soon as i get up is go straight to the mirror and check my face. And if i spot a pimple then rest assured that d rest of d day goes cribbing and complaining to my mom on how could god be so “cruel” and of all the girls in the world i had to b d one to endure this “pain” 😆 . I try anything and everything to see dat it dissappears. And sometimes if itz a lil big one i try and not go out of my house. 😥 In spite of my mom telling me dat its natural…itz been so many years and i dont seem to understand. BTW if any girl is reading this post and happens to know any cure to zap pimples in the shortest time possible then plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz get in touch with me :mrgreen:

                                            Quirk No 2:
                                            I have this strange habit of staring at people while walking on the streets or any where for that matter 😆 . I always look at people to see whether they are looking at me. I have this feeling that some1 is looking at me. Let it be a guy, girl, uncle aunty anyone, i just have to see people and observe them till the point that are not out of my sight :mrgreen: . I know some people must be getting offended but i cant control myself. I dont seem to care what they think of me as long as they are not looking at me. 🙂

                                            Quirk No 3:
                                            I have this second obsession with my mirror. I check it out every 20-25 minutes or so when m at home for god knows what reason. I see whether i have put on weight or lost it 😆 But nowadays d former happens more then d latter :mrgreen: I have my entire family telling me ki there wont be any significant change in me in a day but i just have to see whether m looking okie or no 😆 I may even pull out some clothes and try them out just 2 c how good 😀 or bad 😥 i look. And this program can continue for hours and hours till m absolutely convinced that m looking ok 4 d day :mrgreen: Also i talk to myself in the mirror (Makes me some sort of freak na??? :mrgreen: ) I talk to d mirror and tell all my problems or secrets to it( With expressions 😆 ) . I also argue, fight with it and also cry in front of it. Plz dont conclude ki i have lost it or something. But itz something i have been doing from childhood…so now itz 2 late 2 change na??? 😆

                                            Quirk No 4:
                                            This is a costly quirk 😥 i collect creams, lotions, shampoos, conditioners…nethin that catches my eye even if i might not ever use it 😆 . If i see some awesome cream ka advertisement i try my level best to convince my mom to buy it. I just love collecting it (Jesus Christ!!! M i a freak??? 😥 ) due to my first quirk i had once ended up collecting 8 different types of creams just for pimples 😥 Needless to say not one was usefull and i got quite a earful from my mom. But now m proud to say i have improved quite a lot and now have just one cream for each purpose :mrgreen:

                                            Quirk No 5:
                                            This is another of my costly habits. I have an infactuation with kiddo games. :mrgreen: I download all d ages 5 and above games from the net and can spend hours and hours playing it. 😆 I deliberately search for games on the net which are in the age group of 5-10 and download any number of games again much to the annoyance of my parents :mrgreen: Other then that m used to downloading yahoo games where you have run a beauty parlour, design clothes, be a gardener, run a hotel etc….basically girlish games 😆 i love them a lot and can spend hours designing clothes or giving a pedicure to a customer :mrgreen: BTW m quite proud to proclaim that in my gardener game i made about $10,000 and also got 11 out of the 12 medals that were there to be won. Hurray….!!!! 😆

                                            Quirk No 6:
                                            I have this peculiar habit of saying “Touchwood” a billion times in a sentence. 😆 I dont Know y but i cant seem to stop. Especially in situations like cricket matches or before any of my  result, this condition increases 10 times :mrgreen: I keep on saying it. Infact my friends have warned me from saying anything in front of them that warrants a “touchwood” 😆 But i still do it. Coz i dont want anything bad to happen coz of me 😆 I dont know abt u guys bt i find it pretty cute 😀 hai na??????????

                                             ANd now i have 2 pick 6 people. But i dont know that many people on wordpress yaar 😥 . So i guess i’ll tag some already tagged people as well. 😆





                                            Thats it yaar….. 😆 Ab aur log i dont know on wordpress. Actually this is the first time i have used links on wordpress. SO m not even sure whether the links will work. Keeping my fingers crossed. Touchwood!!! :mrgreen:


                                            Please save the tiger…!!!

                                            February 26, 2008

                                            tiger2.jpgtiger.jpg                    Well this is a very serious topic for me. I always knew that the tiger population in our country is dwindling fast but i got to know about 2 days back that there are barely 1000 tigers in the entire country. I never knew that there was such a strong animal activist in me but the thought has really, really disturbed me a lot. I mean the thought that i may never be able to see this gorgeous animal after about 10-15 years really scares me a lot. Its one of the most beautiful and majestic animal in the world and even the thought that it may extinct because of the stupid human beings really pisses me a lot.     

                                                                   I know you guys might be thinking that although you feel a lot for the cause you dont know what to do or dont know how to go about it. Well, even i used to think the same thing always but if you have the will to do something for a cause, you will find out ways and do it. I feel in an extremely strong way for this wonderful cause and was finding ways to do something. Well for starters you can “SPREAD THE MESSAGE”. All my friends who will read this blog can help by spreading this thought to as many people as you can. It wont take you more then 5 minutes to do it but will go a long way in helping to save the animal. Please itz a sincere request from me. Also if you dont mind spending about 3 rupees, you can sms TIGER to 56388 or visit NDTV.COM and sign the online petition to save the tiger. It wont take much of your time to do this.

                                                                 I dont know how many people i will be able to reach or how many will take this seriously. Some may even laugh at me or feel that “how can my message make any difference”. But it will. Even if you feel that your message wont make any difference but the least you can do is TRY. Its our last chance or else we may lose this wonderful, exotic animal forever.

                                            Salsa part 2

                                            February 21, 2008

                                            Well i can now proudly proclaim that am 1/12th salsa dancer…….now u guys might be wondering what exactly that means…well salsa has got 12 levels you can learn. The 1st level is the beginners level. I have completed the first level and so i am 1/12th salsa dancer. Well not that big an achievement but none the less makes me extremely happy. I completed it yesterday. And also with it i have done the first level of jive and waltz as well. Out of all the three i guess salsa is a lil bit more tougher since you have to have a flexible body for that. But i thoroughly enjoyed all three. One of the main reasons being that we have an extremely cute instructor like i had mentioned in my last post.

                                                                       I dont know as of yet whether i will be able to join the next level but i seriously want to. Lets hope for the best.  Like i said last nite was my last salsa class for the first level and it was a blast. We were asked to dance with whoever we wanted to and thank god i was asked by a guy……the song was the typical salsa song “Bailamos” by Enrique Iglesias. And it was the first time we girls were in our heels. Coz before that during our learning stage we were alwaz dressed in our sports shoes and tracks. So yesterday we were dressed a bit lady like which was fun. Ofcourse salsa in heels requires a lil bit of practise but i somehow managed without causing my partner any grievious injuries.

                                                                       We were also told that this sunday there is a jam session for all the students at Rock Bottom (Thats a disc in Mumbai)……where u can ask anyone to dance with you and the girl/guy has to agree……..Well am seriously thinking of asking my instructor for a dance……..hehehe……… 


                                            January 22, 2008

                                                        Salsa???? the first thing that comes into anyone’s mind as soon as you hear this word is some exotic form of dance. Well i always wanted to learn it since i had heard so much about it but seriously didnt know how to go about it and where to learn it from. My wish finally came true last wednesday when i got a call from a dear friend of mine telling me about a class in the city which would teach you the dance form in a month. Last friday was the first day. As soon as i heard it i danced right then and there ( although not the salsa)….But the big thing was convincing my mom since the timings were a lil bit late. The class was from 8:80 to about 10:00 in the evening. And it would take me about 45 minutes to reach home. Knowing the great public transport in mumbai it wouldnt be a problem but still….mom’s are after all mom’s.
                                                         I hung up the phone and asked my mom. As expected the first reaction was an emphatic NO. But i am called stubborn by my mom for nothing. So i cribbed..complained and also became a lil senti with tears thrown here and there for good measure. And voila!!! the plan succeeded. So armed with excitement and expectations i reached my friend’s place because we had a bus from her place straight to that class. But as luck would have it the bus didnt turn up. We got to know later that we had just missed it. So we both decided to catch a rickshaw. And the brainiac that i am i caught a rick that had no meter installed in it at all. Now its against the law not to have meter’s in the rickshaw. We would have been in serious trouble had the cops seen us. And also the fact that we wouldnt know about the charge for the journey. We fought with the driver and settled for a reasonable price. What helped was my friend who is simply superb in fighting and arguing….
                                                        So we finally reached at about 8:35. We thought we were late but when we reached there were about 25-30 guys and gals registering themselves. We registered ourselves, paid the fees and entered the room. It was like a normal dance class is with mirrors on all four sides. Anyways the class capacity is about 25 and about 45 people had turned up. So the receptionist asked about 20 odd people to return and promised to accomodate them in the next batch. Fortunately i and my friend stayed on. Well, the dance teacher entered and boy was he cute or what???? He gave us some warming up exercises and asked us to do them every time we entered the class. The he gave us a good news. Not only were we going to learn salsa but also jive and waltz. He told us we would start with the jive that day. The jive was called the 6 step jive. Sounded pretty exciting for all of us who wouldnt care even if it were a 8 or 10 step jive since we barely knew the difference.
                                                       He teached us the basic position for the jive and also about 4-5 steps. I must boast now that i picked them up pretty fast. He made us dance on some music as well. Thats rock and roll music. It was great fun. As it neared 10 in the clock i started to panic as i knew that i would now start getting calls from my parents. The class got over by about 10:15 and when i checked my cell i had 5 miscalls from my parents. I called them and asked them to relax.  I reached home by about 10:45. Dad was a lil annoyed. But then i was so excited thinking about my next class on wednesday that i didnt mind that lil bhaashan at all….waiting impatiently for the next time i jive…..